Arginin Retard 180 capsules

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Content: 180 capsules
for the support of energy level and endurance
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glutenfrei laktosefrei
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Arginin is part of a variety of biochemical processes in our organs, cells and tissue and it is this essential for good health. L-Arginin is a proteinogenic amino acid which means that as a building block of protein, it promotes the building of muscle tissue which makes Arginin a popular choice for athletes.

In the blood vessels, Arginin is converted into nitrogen monoxide, a transmitter substance which promotes blood flow and protects from calcification of the arteries. Therefore, L-Arginin is an important tool for the prevention of artiosklerosis and for healthy arteries as well as the whle cardiovascular system. Arginin is also often used as a supporting measure in the fight against high blood pressure, high cholesterol or erectile disfunction.

L-Citrullin is a non-proteinogenic amino acid and a precursor to Arginin. Citrullin enters the bloodstream through the lower intestine and gets then transported to the liver where it is converted into L-Arginin. Since this process takes time, it creates a long term effect which means that the Arginin content in the blood is kept on a stable level for an extended time period. Citrullin is therefore an ideal addition to Arginin.


Content in 100 g in 4 capsules
L-Arginin 52,3 g 2352 mg  
L-Citrullin 30,3 g 1364 mg  

* % NRV = % Nutrient Reference values (according to VO (EG) Nr. 1169/2011)


Vegetarian no Lactose free yes Sugar free yes
Vegan no Gluten free yes GMO free yes


Recommended dosage
take four capsules daily with meals


L-Arginin Base (49%), Citrulin-DL-Malate (28%), microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatine (bovine), Separating agent:Magnesium stearate


Milk no Eggs no Gluten no
Sulfur no Fish no Crusteceans no
Molluscs no Lupins no Soya Beans no
Mustard no Celery no Sesame no
Peanuts no Nuts no    


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